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(compiled by the ELI Teachers and CALL Consultants at the English Language Institute at University of South Florida)

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Project-Based.Language Learning Sources

  • Perspectives on CALL for Project-Based Learning: Intensive English ProgramsExamples of projects with CALL components.
  • Project-Based Learning and Assessment: A Resource Manual for Teachers. A 84-page comprehensive guide on project-based learning and assessment.
    This resource kit was developed to assist teachers in understanding the purpose of project work as a practical and meaningful way of learning and assessing the progress of learning English. Eric Digest: ED442306
  • Current Concepts and Terms in Adult ESL. ERIC Q & A. Terms and concepts currently in use in adult English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) instruction are defined and explained. They include: authentic or alternative assessment; computer-assisted language learning; project-based education;
    In each case, the scope of the term is specified and references to current literature are made. Contains 25 references. (MSE) Eric Digest: ED427552
  • Constructivist Inspiration: A Project-Based Model for L2 Learning in Virtual Trips Project-based learning (PBL) can be used when creating simulated authentic cultural experiences via virtual trips on the World Wide Web. PBL is a comprehensive, constructivist-based approach that engages students in the investigation of authentic problems. This paper focuses on the theoretical basis for project-based learning and describes an instructional model developed and employed by researchers at a large southwestern U.S. university. The model was put into practice with several Web-based Spanish language lessons for first-year Spanish students. Thousands of students engaged in virtual cultural experiences by taking a virtual vacation on the World Wide Web. Afterwards, students submitted enthusiastic comments (via student reflection forms) and described a variety of types of language and cultural learning experiences. Creative student products demonstrated their engagement in the lessons and their application of grammatical and lexical topics from the course. Extensive use of on-line language and cultural resources was also evident. Several challenges arose during the lessons (e.g., carrying out the constructivist-based elements, conducting formative assessment, and focusing on final products rather than processes). Eric Digest: ED464498
  • Project-Based Learning for Adult English Language Learners. Project-based learning is an instructional approach that contextualizes learning by presenting learners with problems to solve or products to develop. For example, learners may research adult education resources in their community and create a handbook to share with other language learners in their program, or they might interview local employers and then create a bar graph mapping the employers ...


  • English Interactive (Lizz Caplan) Vocabulary with audio and quizzes plus great listening links and links to other skills. Developed by Lizz Caplan, a former ELI colleague and SLAIT student.
  • Breaking News English Ready-made current event lesson plans that contain a news article, listening (MP3 file), communication activities, pair work, discussion, reading and vocabulary exercises. Classroom handouts are reproducible in Word and PDF.
  • Read* Write*Think A collection of excellent online interactive tools that provide an opportunity for students to use technology while developing their literacy skills.
  • Comic Strip Creator This interactive online tool lets students compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts such as prewriting, pre- and postreading activities, response to literature, listening, and speaking. Students can choose backgrounds, characters, props, and type dialogues.
  • CALL Lesson Plans Organized according to topics and levels.
  • This site has very effective lesson plans, downloadable activities for beginners and on-line activities for all levels.
  • EFLNET.COM On you can find ready exercises in vocabulary, phrasal verbs, grammar, and much more.
  • Websites for ESL Learning and Discovery Websites compiled by Vance Stevens on ESL activities, programs, softwares, games, quizzes, journals, etc. Take a look - a lot of information!
  • Study Skills Success Support material for all five skills




  • Free Online Puzzle maker
  • CrossSkins Similiar to Hot Potatoes but with the difference that students can type the answers right into the puzzle.
  • Discovery Educationa Software Go to and click on Toolbox on the left. This site provides you with 6 different types of worksheets - crossword puzzles.


  • Works like an encyclopedia/dictionary, and the the key word is translated into several languages, including ARABIC. Also has lesson plans and esl links.
  • Newbury House Dictionary Easy to understand definitions, example sentences, pronunciation. This is the same dictionary that is on the local drive in the lab.
  • slang dictionary online a handy way for students to look up current slang and idioms, with explanations of where the expressions come from.
  • Wannalearn resources by topics A resource website with information on academic subjects, technology, sports, recreational hobbies, and much more. Contains many links to other sites.
  • Virtual Dictionaires Online dictionaries and encyclopedias...
  • Picture Dictionaries The internet picture dictionary with various activities such as flash cards, fill in the blanks, word scrambles, etc. Recommended for Level I
  • Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary Enter a word in the word-in-question box and for that word there will also be a speaker icon where you can pres and hear the word pronounced along with the definition.


  • Grammar Bytes Great site with online activities (AND pdf handout versions of the activities!!!) for comma splices, fragments, irregular verbs, commas, pronoun agreementand reference, subject-verb agreement, etc.
  • Grammar in Context Each book in the series has Chapter quizzes and writing activities. The quiz answers can be reviewed online. Students need to click on "Student" site.
  • EFL Grammar interactive exercises
  • Fun with Grammar online This is the same Fun with Grammar book except that it's in a PDF format. Registration required.
  • OWL (Online Writing Lab) Interactive Exercises Very Good exercises with immediate feedback. Includes Grammar, spelling, punctuation. Good COMMA practice for ADJECTIVE CLAUSES.
  • Irregular Verb Dictionary
  • EFL - interactive exercises This site provides access to online grammar exercises. They are in the form of multiple choice exercises which contain two or more items to choose from.
  • Azar Series & Fun with Grammar The Grammar Exchange: This has links to materials for the series and to "Fun with Grammar" activities. To find Fun with Grammar, use the down arrow next to the Links box on the left of the home page. Also, there is a discussion forum.
  • Daily Lesson Grammar Archive Lessons, quizzes and answers on a variety of grammar items
  • The Grammar Gorilla The Grammar Gorillas, need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, the gorillas get a banana. Beginner (nouns and verbs only) Advanced (all parts of speech)
  • Grammar Safari The "grammar safari" activities are suggested for "hunting" and "collecting" EXAMPLES of specific words as they are used in documents accessible to anyone on the WWW
  • Ruth Vilmi's Interactive Language Ruth Vilmi's Interactive Language/Grammar exercises (from adjectives to word order. In addition, links to other ESL SITES
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing Quizzes, activities, information on word and sentence level, paragraph level, essay & research paper, grammar, quizzes, powerpoint, etc.
  • The Idiom Connection Here is a large site with idioms available in alphabetic order and by theme.
  • English Prepositions This site offers a list of prepositions, an important rule, and prepositions of place and time.
  • Future tenses This is a general quiz on all future tenses, so it includes the progressive and perfect tenses.
  • Grammar Links 3 This is Houghton Mifflin's site for the Grammar Links series. This particular link is for tests for all of Book 3. Tests for Books 1 and 2 are also available.
  • This site has quizzes for low beginners and for structures including verbs + prepositons, have/have got, future, passive, conditionals, direct speech, and adjectives.


  • Graphs and Charts Vocabulary Includes interactive exercises for learning how to desribe graphs, trends, and common adverbs, verb and nouns.
  • Create a Graph How about Creating your own Graph? Really. See for yourself; it's easy to create and even print your own graphs and charts


  • TELUS Learning Connection This link will give you information on using graphic organizers. If you click on Our Tools, then Tools for Teachers, you'll find organizers and resources that you can use to custom design your own resource.
  • Learning Resources: Graphic Organizers This link provides a variety of links to graphic organizer resources.


  • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (JCAL) JCAL is an excellent journal published quarterly which reports on contemporary research and experience in the field of Computer Assisted Learning.
  • CALICO Journal "CALICO, the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, is a professional organization that serves a membership involved in both education and high technology.
  • Mark Warschauer's Recent Papers A collection of articles related to CALL theory and practice.
  • Articles on CALL and the Internet by S. Kathleen Kitao and Kenji Kitao A collection of articles related to CALL theory and practice.
  • Teaching Pragmatics (an on-line book) 30 lesson plans are provided in an on-line book edited by Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig. The book is published on the Internet by the U.S. Dept. of State.
  • The OneStop Magazine An online magazine for English teachers with lesson plans, games, free resources, teaching writing, reading, etc.
  • Dave Kees Teaching English Articles on Activating students, Activating yourself, More articles for teacher development> Reflecting on methodologies (5)
  • Find Articles for FREE is a vast archive of published articles that you can search for free. Constantly updated, it contains articles dating back to 1998 from more than 300 magazines and journals.
  • TESL-EJ Free Electronic TESL Journal. Board refereed academic articles, book reviews, media reviews, and forum.
  • The Internet TESL Journal Our favorite---articles, research papers, lesson plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas & links
  • LLT Language Learning a refereed journal for second and foreign language educators
  • Teaching English with Technology As of April 15th 2003 - under maintenance


  • Bogglesworld Archive of Lesson Plans for ESL. Includes giving directions, making requests, movies, etc.
  • Owl Purdue - Power Point If you are having trouble with teaching students how to use Power Point properly, this site goes over the basics as well as providing a good example of a presentation that you can use.
  • ESL Links by Rong Change Links to ESP (business, medicine, etc.), Lesson Plans, Magazines, Vocabulary, Idioms, Pronunciation, L/R/W, Jobs, Dictionaries, Quizzes, Methods, etc.
  • History of English Language a complete on-line course from Virginai Tech.
  • Cloze Online Create Cloze tests for students to take on line. Includes Dictionary and CoBuild.
  • Culture Shock: A Fish Out of Water Recommended by Ray CEPKO. This is a good site to use in the Culture class, because many of our students will be able to relate to the topic. Although I have used this site with a Level II class, I think it may be more suitable for higher levels.
  • Flashcards Play, pring and make your own ESL flash cards or choose from a variety of pre-made games. You can even make your own or print out sets of cards to use in your classroom.
  • E.L. Easton Materials for Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching with Technology Dr. Allen Webb explores the ntegration of technology into classroom activities. Streaming video and audio include Introduction to Teaching with Technology, Classroom WEbsites and Communication, Classroom Websites and Content Learning, and Internet Literacy for Teachers and Students. Resources also include: Doing Web Research, Doing a WebQuest, Using Teaching Resources, Building an E-Community, and Creating a Classroom Website.
  • Free Clip Art for Foreign/Second Language Instruction Simple line art for second-language teaching. Includes verbs, adjectives, nouns, medical terms.
  • A world of ESL Resources A site to use for review of vocabulary, reading, writing, and some additional webquests (on the Arctic). Created by Magda Kalinowska in Canada.
  • ESL Lesson Plans and Resources (CSU) Links to games and other activities from California State University.
  • Recording Sounds with Audacity Audacity is a free audio editor. You can record sounds, play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files, and more. Use it to edit your sounds using Cut, Copy and Paste (with unlimited Undo), mix tracks together, or apply effects to your recordings
  • 1-language ESL center ESL Activity Zone, Games, Wordsearches, Grammar Quizzes, Reading Library, Flash Quizzes, etc.
  • ESL Activities A collection of ESL teaching ideas.
  • ESLGOLD ESLgold provides hundreds of pages of free English teaching and learning materials for both students and teachers. All resources are organized by skill and level for quick and easy access. Submitted by Patti & Barbara
  • Teaching with the Web Teaching with the Web is a compilation of ideas for using WWW resources as a language teaching tool. It also offers links to sites that have pedagogical information.
  • Free photos for teachers 3 Free photos
  • Free photos for teachers2 Click for more free photos
  • Free photos for teachers1 Click for free photos
  • Are Technology Using Students Better Learners For more information on CALL trends click on the above link and read Deborah Healey's presentation
  • Excel as a Basis for CALL Activity Authoring System Step by step instrcutions for an activity designed and run in Excel.
  • Using an Excel worksheet to review Language Arts skills You are probably very familiar with using Excel to perform mathematical calculations. However, the drag-and-drop feature of Excel allow language arts activities. Download and examine the Excel workbook from this webiste. Try the activities, and try to develop other applications.


  • Charles Kelly's American English Pronunciation Extensive list of minimal pairs with audio
    E.L. Easton American Pronunciation
    Good site for final -ed an final -s practice. Includes audio and lessons.
    Audio Portfolio Audio Portfolios is a tool that provides an environment for students to practice speaking. The program runs in a web browser window. Students log in to their own accounts and record themselves. When they are satisfied with their sound files, they "share" them with the instructor. Shared files are accessible to the instructor. All sound files are stored on the server, and are accessible only to the student and the instructor.
    Duber's Audioblogging Site Audioblogging is a great way to involve students into oral communication on-line. You and your students can access Duber's audio blog site and participate in the audio blogging sessions available there, the URL is:
    ELLLO: English Language Listening Lab Online This is a great website with many interactive activities for all levels.
    The Daily Idiom: Slang and idiom lessons for learners of English Short Idiom lessons for English Language Learners with audio at:
    Talking Robot Input utterances through keyboard, and the talking robot will response (more or less meaningfully). A fun toy that might be intriguing for some ESL students to play with, especially lower level ones.
    literacy net --environmental listening [ Interesting audio articles about various environmental issues.
    BBC World Service BBC World Sercie with audio, video, and text.
    Repeat After Us Developed and started by high school students at Harvard Westlake School in California offers a number of recording for ESL/EFL students. It has 346 recordings, 3131 texts and compiled by 382 authors.
    Ghost Stories and Folktales of the American South The Moonlit Road - Ghost STories and Folktales of the American South. Monthly feature stories are available in both text and streaming audio versions, but they do change on a monthly basis.
    Listening: audio based listening exercises online Listening exercises online with exercises, transcripts, and illustrations
    Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive This collection is free and open for everyone to use and can be supplemented with Hot Potatoes activities. The files can be downloaded if the bandwidith is a concern.
    8.02 Video Lectures This is an advanced site of video lectures by MIT Professor Walter Lewin on Physics; specifically, Electricity and Magnetism.
    ESL Video Center The videos really expose the user to actual English usage. If prompted for a password/userid then enter: Username: test Password: testing
    About.Com Listening Sites A variety of listening site for a variety of levels.
    Big Chalk Lectures on the web.
    English Listening Lounge A number of free passages that are divided into "New Listener", "Regular Listener", and "Advanced Listener" Each listening passages includes study aides (questions, questions & answers, transcripts). This is a free area which is open to everyone. In addition to the free passages there is also a subscription portion with additional passages.
    Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab An oldie, but a goodie...Randall's ESL Lab is mainly designed for self-directed study, that is a student chooses what topic and level they want to study and then begin. Teachers can also use it as part of their classes. You don't have to log-in, and you don't need to subscribe to use the listening lab. The listening lab is free to use online
    Beginner's Dictation Exercises with HotPotatoes A beginner's dictation exercises using JQuiz
    Literacy Net CNN This is a great site for students at higher proficiency levels to experience authentic news reports with various comprehension check and vocabulary activities already built in.
    short stories - The Kindgdom of the Lion and The Wolf and the Crane Two stories with follow-up comprehension questions and a transcript of the audio text. Click on either The Kindgom of the Lion or The Wolf and the Crane.
    short stories - listening Harper Audio Well known authors read their own work (actors read the works of authors who have passed away). Selection includes: Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, etc.
    Short stories - All the Favorite Poem Project about 40 short video presentation of people reading their favorite poems and their interpretation of the meaning of these poems.
    Arlyn Freed's Listening Site A variety of listening sites with authentic and semi-authentic (?) listening sites including Randall's, English Listening Lounge, Literacy net and listening sites from ESL students (great idea!)


  • Classic Short Stories This link will bring you to many classic short stories.
  • Graphic Organizers A free list of graphic organizers in pdf format, from Eduplace.
  • Short Story Classics A library of authentic short stories from the Masters of the Genre, such as Hemingway, Fauklner,Hawthorne, Poe. Reproducable stories "for educational purposes only."
  • BritLit British Literature with downloable forms, activities, and stories. Teaching tips, ideas and articles are also included. On this page you can find links to downloadable classroom resources: Short story - 'Weekend' by Fay Weldon Resource kit of classroom activities based on short story 'Weekend' Answer key for resource kit activities Audio of complete story 'Weekend' read by Fay Weldon *coming soon
  • Home Page of John Nemes A variety of websites for teachers and students: including virtual literature, research, prof. organizations, interactive lessons and balanced literacy.
  • LIterature Help Ruth Vilmi's Literature Help with links to literature self-study courses, related links, short stories, poetry, etc.


  • more madlibs This is a small collection of madlibs but it contains one based on the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" and one on Hamlet's soliloquy, plus travel guide madlibs and a few more.
  • Wacky Tales Build funny madlibs based on Harry Potter etc. Definitely for kids, but some are fun for anybody.
  • Madlibs stories This is a long list of fill-ins with basic parts of speech. Final product is a little (4-5 sentences) story.


  • Designing Effective Oral Presentations Understanding speaking/writing relationship, questions you need to ask, oral presentations, presenting to a multicultural audience
  • Collection of presentation sites A collection of various sites on presentations and speech
  • How to Prepare an Oral Presentation An outline description on how to prepare an oral presentation
  • Effective Presentations A PowerPoint slide on how to create effective PowerPoint presentations
  • 10 commandments of presentations Short and simple description of 10 rules when presenting


  • ESL Reading Resources and Exercises An ESL teacher from Vermont shares links to reading resources.
  • Script-o-rama Free transcripts of select TV shows (including soap operas), films, etc.
  • Action4Learning ACTION 4 LEARNING has been designed as a series of online worksheets that can be used independently of each other or as part of an integrated learning programme. Each worksheet is referenced to the Basic Skills Agency Adult Core Curriculum. The material is divided into four topic areas with six worksheets under each topic. We have concentrated on the core curriculum levels "Entry Level 2 and 3". There are a variety of activities including cloze and matching exercises, sequencing and multiple choice questions
  • On-line Lessons Reading Skills Mini stories with cloze exercises, speed-reading activities with words and short paragraphs, extensive reading, science reading and real & listen activities


  • Power Point in the Classroom This fun, eight-unit tutorial shows K-12 teachers how to use PowerPoint to present many different forms of information. You'll learn the basics on using PowerPoint's toolbars, laying out your information, saving, moving your information to the place you'll be presenting it - and much more.
  • Teach-nology General Rubric Generator Customize or create rubrics for different purposes here.
  • Crossword Puzzle Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists.
  • Quiz Star QuizStar is a FREE web-based program!. With this web-based utility, you will be able to create a custom quiz that others can take online! If you have a lesson plan centered around internet websites, or if you want students to be able to do take-home assignments over the internet, then QuizStar is for you! (recommended by Debbie Mitchell) Also see RubricStar and TrackStar
  • Ideas with Word Processors An excellent site for using a word-processing tool as a teaching tool.
  • Text Tool for Microsoft Word This free Text Tool and Resource Search Tool make the job of creating stimulating classroom exercises fast and fun. Developed by an English Teacher, the text tool, which works in Microsoft Word, takes under 3 seconds to download, requires no installation, and currently features the following...
  • ESL's evaluation grading rubric for TESOL, TESL, & TEFL tests The evaluation rubric will measure proficiency in expressing oneself in English.
  • RubricStar Recommended by Debbie Mitchell... From the same creator as QuizStar, but this allows you generate rubrics using a variety of categories with the descriptions already written for you! Just use a simple pull-down menu, and submit. It's ready to print. You can also make modifications to fit your own needs.
  • GetFast FAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool) Here is a nice tool for giving students opinion surveys - all you have to do is think up the questions. Send your students to the site to answer the questions, and with a click of your mouse, you have the results.
  • Evaluation Grading Rubric The evaluation rubric measures oral proficiency for groups or individuals in grammar, vocabulary, fluency, listening, voice and non-verbal communication.
  • WebAuthor A tool to make various online exercises.
  • PowerPoint Games Downloadable powerpoint games and templates for you to create your own!
  • QuizCenter A web based tools that allows teachers to create, administer, and grade quizzes online.
  • NoteStar NoteStar is the newest utility to assist Project Based Learning on the World Wide Web. It allows teachers to create projects for their students. Students may then take advantage of NoteStar's many features to collect and organize their notes.
  • Web Worksheet Wizard Create a lesson, a worksheet, or webpage - free.
  • Trackstar Annotate and organize websites for your lessons and use rubricstar to generate assessment rubrics (see Surveys & Rubrics).
  • Evaluation Grading Rubric The evaluation rubric measures oral proficiency for groups or individuals in grammar, vocabulary, fluency, listening, voice and non-verbal communication.
  • ESL's evaluation grading rubric for TESOL TESL & TEFL tests The evaluation rubric will measure proficiency in expressing oneself in English. ESL's evaluation grading rubric for TESOL TESL & TEFL tests
  • Rubric Star From the same creator as QuizStar, but this allows you generate rubrics using a variety of categories with the descriptions already written for you!Just use a simple pull-down menu, and submit. It's ready to print. You can also make modifications to fit your own needs.
  • Text Tool for Microsoft Word Attention all creative teachers! This free Text Tool and Resource Search Tool make the job of creating stimulating classroom exercises fast and fun. Developed by an English Teacher, the text tool, which works in Microsoft Word, takes under 3 seconds to download, requires no installation, and currently features the following...
  • Ideas with Word Processors An excellent site for using a word-processing tool as a teaching tool.
  • McSkins Info from their website: MCSkins is a simple freeware tool for showing multiple-choice quizzes and reading activities on the World Wide Web. MCSkins supports most of the features found in JBC, including: Custom feedback messages Scoring Randomized questions and answer choices (if you like!) Unlimited questions Up to 26 answer choices per question Ability to include a reading passage Option to have more than one correct answer per question. Optional timer New! Basic HTML-formatting support New! Simpler JBC file management New! Smaller file size New! Now supports old and new versions of Hot Potatoes MCSkins also features: A single, elegant interface for ALL of your JBC multiple-choice activities. Detailed activity reports Hidden answers! All the questions and answers are kept on the server.
  • Create your own exercises, quizzes, tests Choose from a variety of different templates to create your own exercises, quizzes and tests.


  • Singing Fish Audio/Video search engine.
  • Internet Searching Tools Tools and services for searching the internet.
  • A helpful guide to search engines "The Spider's Apprentice" Tools and advice to search effectively or even to improve your websites visibility by using meta-tags.
  • kartOO visual meta search engine Gathers results from a variety of search engines and also uses flash player to use interactive maps.
  • Teoma A search engine with results, resources, and other goodies.
  • Google A well known, of course...
  • All the web Another often used search engine
  • Vivisimo A multi directory search engine. A search engine that groups similiar keywords to the left side. A great resource if you need some extra assistance.
  • Receive Newsalerts Up to date news alerts based on topics that you are interested in.
  • List of Search Engines and other resources List of search engines and other resources for ESL teachers and students
  • Article on Major Search Engines An article listing the major search engines and directories and how they work.
  • The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value
  • Internet Search Tips Basic Vocabulary and using Boolean Language
    The Altavista search engine: video material section. [ There is also an audio section.
    The Singing Fish - the audio/video search engine A search engine for video clips. You can also search for audio clips with this engine.
    Fotosearch Engine This is a large collection of clip art, photographs, illustrations, animation clips (stock footage). Part of the collection is available for free. Allows search by type (photograph, clip art, illustration) and theme.
    The Yahoo! Video Search The Yahoo! Video Search - provides basic and advanced options.
    The Google Image Search Google provides a huge collection of images – photographs and clipart. While you can't sort by type of image (clip art, photgraph etc.), but Google provides you with advanced search options where you can refine you search topic, choose file type, coloration, and/or domain.
    The Microsoft Clip Art Collection This is the Microsoft collection of visual material and sounds. You can get to it either following the link provided or directly from your Word document: click Insert>Picture>Clip Art, from the top center of the Clip Art pop-up window click on the “Clips online” button.


  • Links for Spelling from ITESLJ Links for both Students and Teachers. Spelling rules, games, and on-line activities.
  • On-Line Spelling Lessons ESLUS Students LISTEN to a word missing from a sentence, SPELL it, and then check the answer. There are 5 levels with 20 lessons at each level.

  • Web Vocabulary Profiler This program will then tell you how many word types the text contains from the following four frequency levels: (1) the list of the most frequent 1000 word families, (2) the list of the second 1000 word families, (3) the Academic Word List, and (4) the words that do not appear in any of the preceding lists.
    Oxford English Dictionary Worksheets Several worksheets with activities to help your students get to know their dictionaries.
    Create Worksheets, Flashcards, etc. Create free educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes to print directly from your browser. Simply choose a word list and an output style.
    Vocabulary for Learners of English This section of the ESL website is to help English language learners learn words effectively and enjoyably. Click a blue button to go to the vocabulary group. Click a yellow button to start a quiz. Ranges from easy to difficult with quizzes,analogies, hangman, etc.


  • WebQuest Taskonomy WebQuest Taskonomy: A Taxonomy of Tasks defines the various tasks and provides tips when developing those tasks.
  • Process Checklist Assists teachers in developing the webquest -- especially the process section.
  • WebQuest Design Patterns
  • WebQuest Template A ready made template to use for creating your own webquest.
  • A WebQuest about WebQuests
  • An ESL WebQuest Example Mission:Possible. A WebQuest for High Intermediate to Advanced ESL Learners
  • Workshop on Webquests Explanation, Demonstration, Exploration, and Implementation of Webquests.
  • Building Webquests Template and Examples
  • Definition of Webquests Some Thoughts About Webquests...


  • Internet TESL-J: Writing Link This link brings you to a variety of links for writing activities.
  • "Let's Argue" Writers Workshop Good for Intermediate students. There are 5 lessons, all based on the paragraph--from analysis to writing, including writing about problems or solutions, building arguments, weighing arguments, and refuting arguments.
  • Diana Hacker - Rules for Writers
  • Free Entry Level 2 Literacy Resources A good source for class writing projects
  • Acronym, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Reference, etc. Lookup A website that provides 'lookups' from dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, rhyming dictionaries, quotations, world atlas, cia factbook, fine artist search, and acronym information.
  • SLATE Citation Machine SLATE Citation Machine; the purpose of this web tool is to help you format references in APA or MLA. A great tool, where you only input the necessary information, click 'process' and it will show both the APA and MLA reference.
  • APA Reseatch Style Crib Sheet A 'cheat sheet' of some of the important features of the APA style guide.
  • Style sheets for Citing Internet & Electronic Resources Style sheet for citing Internet & Electronic Resources (Chicago, MLA, APA - scientific)
  • Writing Fix exists to help writers find writing topics, writing prompts, and writing ideas that inspire a daily writing fix. The topics and techniques suggested at this website are the tried and tested brainchildren of writers and teachers. Click on 'teachers' to find additional resources on TEACHING writing.
  • Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English This web site is for ESL/EFL students who want to write in English for academic purposes. The material in this site is aimed toward high intermediate or advanced English learners who have never taken a formal English writing course and whose TOEFL score is about 500 or more.
  • Paragraphpunch An interactive, entertaining process writing site that goes from brainstorming to a complete paragraph.
  • University of Arizona's ESL Writing Links ESL Writing links on grammar, citations, dictionaries, encyclopedias, how to's, etc.
  • Computer Assisted Sentence Production - student types in a specific information and a story is generated.
  • The Writing Den Exercises from sentence, paragraph to essay level.
  • The teaching resource writing project grid Various links to how to approach an assignment, the writing process, brainstorming, thesis topic, etc.
  • University Writing Resources Excellent resource on various writing style guides (APA, MLA, etc.), grammar and esl quizzes, standardized tests, dictionaries etc from the University of Central Florida
  • OWL by topic Topics from general writing concerns, citations, punctuations, to professional writing.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing A variety of activities on sentence, paragraph, essay level; asking grammar questions, presentations, etc.
  • PARA Pal An interesting site using Flash 5 or Flash 6 software. It's aim is to provide interactive exercises for essay writing, proofreading, sentence construction, etc.
  • UEFAP Various activities for writing.
  • A Writer's Reference Bedford St. Martin's A Writer's Reference by Diana Hacker with interactive writing exercises on thesis statments, introductions, peer review, point of view, topic sentences, transitions. Various grammar and researach exercises with model papers, language debates and other additional resources.
  • William Badke's Guide to Research for Int'l Students Written by a librarian with a good sense of humor. He actually makes you want to read about research projects. The only shortcoming is that he doesn't use APA or MLA. Instead, he uses Turbian citation style. The contents of this page include Topic Selection and Analysis, The Research Question, Structure of a Research Paper, Do you Use the Words of Others or Your Own Words?, What is Plagiarism?, What is Proper Research Essay Form?


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